UnrealScript Swiss Army Knife

This program has a project page on SourceForge that can be used for bug reports, feature requests.
Development downloads (beta releases) and additional information can be found on the UnCodeX page on the UnrealWiki.


UnCodeX is a combination of a couple of old tools for UnrealScript development: UClasses and UnDox, but it has much more features.
UnCodeX can create a class and package tree from the UnrealScript sources, analyse the content of each class for later use.
UnCodeX also gives you the ability to create a high detailed HTML API reference from your code. It includes all definitions made in classes, syntax highlighted source code, links to the type declarations, automatic JavaDoc-like documentation from your source code and much more.

Example HTML docoumentation

Note: UnCodeX should work with the source code of all games based on any of the Unreal Engine Versions.

Currently supported UnrealEngine games

If UnCodeX doesn't work with the unrealscript of a different game, please email me the unrealscript source of the game so I can fix the parser. And add it to the supported list.



All releases (including betas) can be downloaded here.


UnCodeX is written by Michiel "El Muerte" Hendriks.
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